About us

We at the soccer number 10 are strongly focus upon creating a community for the soccer(football) players to: share their ideas
and football skills with follow number 10 players and others who wants to know how to become a soccer number 10 players!

Please feel free to share your videos and photos with members who will gladly help you to improve your game and playing style.

Mission Statement:

Soccernumber10.com is a community-driven resource whose goal is to keep soccer number 10 players and fans informed of the
continued innovations and evolution of the soccer industry and to :

1. To provide cutting edge soccer training & sponsorship to teams, and players who can't afford it

2. Provide the most comprehensive and accurate Soccer Number 10 information available

3. Evolve this web site to enhance the user experience and soccer skills

4. Keep topical, relevant and visionary

5. Provide its members and guests with an enjoyable soccer number 10 environment

6. Define and grow development within the soccer industry

7. Promote an atmosphere for soccer experts/pros to share their soccer secrets

8. Aid users in the understanding of choosing suitable paths for their soccer needs

9. Provide the public with a venue for recourse and accountability

10. Promote Soccer Number 10 ethics and Training in Soccer.

11. From sale of products we offer aid to charitable organizations

To this end we have created the following guidelines that all members have agreed to.