The Creed of The Soccer Number 10

No soccer player is more skilled or physically fit than I. I am a
Soccer Number 10,the epitome of skill among the skilled, the
bravest of the brave, a player of honor.

I am a leader of soccer players!

As a Number 10 I know that I represent a legacy of great soccer players,
players who are known as the backbone of the soccer world.

I will, at all times, conduct myself professionally. I will keep myself under the
greatest of pressure to bring honor to this noble game called soccer.

I will also play to bring honor to my team and my country, regardless of my situation.

I will never use my fame or my Number 10 status to achieve any political motives or
to disrespect anybody’s culture,race, country, religion or creed.

I am proud to be a Soccer Number 10. The Divine Source burns deep within my
heart!This Source is my secret elixir for skill, creativity, and talent. Without this
Divine Source,I would only be a fool, believing that all I needed to make myself
into a great soccer player are great coaches and great teams.

This Divine Source is my strength, my courage, my skill, and my hope.
Together, we hope to give them all a game they’ve never seen before!

Discipline and skill are my concentration. My responsibilities as a Number 10
will always be uppermost in my mind and burning within my heart.

I will create great plays, motivate and lift my team’s spirits at all times
and win honorably.

I will strive to be physically fit and healthy at all times by refraining from
drugs or anything that alters my mind or body’s performance.

I will also protect my soul.

All fans and soccer games need someone to lift the atmosphere.
I will provide this atmosphere by creating beautiful plays—with my team,
or by myself—when the going gets tough.

When my team lacks confidence during a game I will be their confidence!

I know how to deal with defeat and victory!

In defeat I will study, and I will find the “whys” and the “if I did”
in each situation. In victory, I will just add another trophy and
make the Number 10 well respected in my circle.

I will not forget, nor will I allow other Number 10s to forget who we are.

We are players of honor. We are leaders!